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6 Simple Tips For That Perfect Welcoming Home Entrance

Your home entrance has a major impact on the overall aesthetics of your abode. It’s very important to get the design of this space right.

This is a transit place for all your family members both while coming in and going out of the house. One would need to think about the comforts of all family members using this space. This is your first entry point into your home, a place which should welcome you and immediately make you feel relaxed when you come home from a long day.

This is also the first touchpoint in your home where you would greet your friends and family. This is the place where they make their first impression about you and your home. A place which should not only be tidy and organized but also talk about your lifestyle.

The best design tip for this place is that everything should have a place. It is not necessary to completely reconstruct this area of your home, small practical and decorative changes can be incorporated to improve the appeal of your home’s entry.

These 6 practices make you go beyond just “a welcome mat” to create a warm and elegant gateway to your home.

Make The Entrance Personal:

The entryway provides excellent opportunities for adding personal touches that would introduce and represent you and your family. One can choose out of multiple options of wood, marble, or metallic family nameplates. Using backlighting to nameplates also gives it that warm and welcoming glow at night. In fact, it could be just anything that says ….“This is my home; I live here”.

Elegantly displayed images of deities or a traditional Tohran at the entrance makes it auspicious and adds to the positivity.

Addition Of Potted Plants:

Adding potted plants to your entry is a good way to make it attractive while also bringing positivity into your home. Use of plants contributes towards enhancing air-cleaning qualities in your home thereby maintaining a healthy level of humidity and increases the quality of the air you breathe.

Plants enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. They not only look beautiful but also bring calm, tranquillity, and well-being to a space. One can use big plants right at the entrance of your home. If you have a limited space, you can use small indoor plants, kept on corners to add colour and freshness to the entrance of the house.

If not plants, you can also add earthen pots of various sizes to enhance the look of your home entrance.

Mandatory Seating Place:

A corner chair, window seat, bench or tiny sofa helps to distinguish the space as a room rather than merely a passageway.

It acts as a convenient place to sit and slip on or off your shoes. Or sort your mail while entering or exiting your house. It also doubles up as a place to keep your jackets or bags thereby helping in keeping the place tidy.

Use materials that go with your space, and decorate to your liking with chic throw pillows, simple cushions, or accent artwork. In addition to being welcoming and convenient, adding seating can help subdivide open concept spaces into more clearly established zones.

Required Storage Area:

Storage is an important element to consider for your foyer or entryway. A lot of household items tend to clutter up by the front door. And guests need somewhere to keep their coats and shoes.

This is both a practical and decorative element to put at the entrance.

A small wooden cabinet at the entrance can be kept to house indoor footwear. This keeps the place clean and solves the hygiene problem too.

You can also create lots of storage with small elements, such as wicker baskets, or small crates, a coat stand, and an umbrella holder, at the very least to keep things in an orderly manner.

Ideal Lighting:

Many of you are concerned about the amount of light at your entrance while designing and building a house.

The entrance should be well lit. You can use LED lights, lamps, or even a chandelier if the place permits. If one has space, you can always add a small window for the penetration of natural light in your house. It is always calming and positive to have sunlight come into your house.

Wall lights are definitely making a comeback, and hallways and stairwells are ideal locations for them. Keep in mind that sufficient lighting is essential for a welcoming hallway.

Inculcate Artwork :

The go-to decorative accessories have always been artwork and mirrors. Nothing speaks more about you than your art choices. A favorite piece in your home’s entryway will provide you pleasure while also telling your visitors a lot about you. A collection of images of your family or an activity that tells a story about your family, on the other hand, is a great way to decorate this area.

Mirrors in the foyer area add an additional dimension to the space. Large mirrors are great to have a quick self-glance before leaving home or entering.

Many Top Interior Designers in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR are using such techniques to enhance the beauty of the entrance.

Many a time the entrance is not well thought before designing as it is not regarded as a personal space like a bedroom or a living room. But the entrance is the first space to make your house guests feel comfortable and set a positive tune for your house.

It is advisable to contact Interior Designers in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon to create a vision and design aesthetics for your entrance.

Contact Native Sutra today if you need any help with designing your home’s entrance. Our beautiful designs and thoughtful interiors will definitely add that oomph factor you are looking for in your homes.


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