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Best Kitchen Design Tips to Make a Long Lasting Impression in 2023

Not so long ago, the kitchen used to be hidden in a corner of the house. It was just an area to prepare meals and wash the dirty dishes. Today, the kitchen has a much different and additional role. The kitchen now is the focal point in a house, a place that brings everyone together in the morning or at the end of a long day. Now the kitchen is flaunted in all its beauty and warmth at the very centre of the house and contributes to the overall look of your home interior.

Technology advances and changing social dynamics have contributed greatly to the rise of the modern kitchen. There is a far bigger focus on open concept homes that revolve around the kitchen so everyone can be together. Just like any modern design trend, clean and simple styles, that are also ergonomically designed have become favourites for many homeowners. The presence of natural light is an essential aspect for enhancing the overall look and function of the kitchen space.

Some of the top interior designers in Gurgaon have worked brilliantly on their projects over the time and come up with amazing kitchen designs. The design experts at these firms have come up with several ideas to make different themes that can be followed depending on the choice. Cabinet shutters, wall tiles, wallpaper etc. are suitably used to enrich the space. Enjoy the benefits of these well-thought-out design ideas to give your kitchen a boost of individuality.

Here are 07 fantastic ideas for making your kitchen more appealing:

Use of glossy tiles:

Glossy tiles have a striking and shiny appearance, specifically against darker backgrounds. They’re great for small kitchens since they appear bigger and brighter, especially if the tiles are light coloured. One of the biggest benefits of glossy tiles is how easy they are to clean. We’re all well aware of the oil and food stains that stick to our walls while cooking. Choosing these tiles will help you save on cleaning products and cleaning time, making your kitchen more efficient. Also never take one tone tiles for walls. It creates a monotonous environment. Adding highlights in the patterns bring a sense of newness and freshness to your walls.

Go for separate cabinets:

One of the biggest annoyances with kitchen cabinetry is the unnecessary waste of space. The way the basic shelves and drawers are structured leaves a lot of wasted space. Worst of all, available space is often too small for some of your larger things or the opposite: It’s too wide and does not give you a way to properly and efficiently organize the space. The experts at some of the top interior design consultancy in Gurgaon suggests that more than any colour, style or pattern, having separate cabinets for all electrical appliances is undoubtedly the popular trend in kitchen

motif, currently. From a visual and usage perspective, separate cabinets allow your kitchen to have more personality and usability compared to a clustered design. Also, when entertaining guests, locating things will be made easier due to functional organisation. In addition, the back surface of kitchen cabinets are always tiled to avoid seepage eating away into the them.

Include a preparation area:

There will be no food if there is no kitchen. Preparation is key when cooking meals that feed our families. If there is an open kitchen, it will create the impression of space; yet, it appears unappealing when ingredients and culinary items are scattered around. As a result, make sure you have enough space to prepare your meals. In accordance with this, the “Kitchen Work Triangle” principle is used. The idea is that your cooking range, sink and refrigerator should be positioned to form a triangle. Smaller the triangle, more operative the kitchen.

A compact dining area:

When designing a large kitchen, it’s easy to overlook the addition of a four-seater dining table. Setting up a casual seating area in your kitchen for morning coffee or just for your kids, creates a homely domain, one that makes you feel welcome.

Usage of greenery:

The importance of greenery in healthy cooking cannot be understated. You will love your meal when surrounded by greenery. And when cooking is enjoyable, the outcomes are always delicious. The interior designers in Gurgaon have highly recommended filling the empty corners in your kitchen with some greenery to add more visual value to your kitchen.

Maintain a unified look:

When the kitchen space is compact enough. Branded, inbuilt appliances are strongly suggested. Not only do they improve your quality of food, but are also long lasting.

Quality lighting as a resource:

Good lighting can radically transform the appearance and functionality of any kitchen. Good lighting may make your kitchen appear larger, highlight the finishes, and serve as an aesthetic as well as a functional benefit. Installing lights in glass-door cabinets, above and under cabinets and above counters will not only make a lasting impact, but will also increase the kitchen’s functionality. The use of LED lights are environment friendly and cost effective.

A skilled designer will analyse your space, to determine how they can highlight its strengths. We ensure that you and your guests will be amazed when beholding your new and refurbished kitchen.

Native Sutra, as one of the Top interior design firms in Gurgaon, would work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

So, if you’re still looking for ways to make your kitchen look more fashionable and appealing, Native Sutra is here to help! Contact us for a no-obligation free consultation.


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