Our Story | Native Sutra

‘Native SutraTM‘ literally means the thread (Sutra) that connects you to your home / place of birth (Native). And our brand’s identity expresses that very idea.
The brand value of “connection” is expressed with a circle connecting the letters ‘V’ and ‘A’. The circle represent the globe which corresponds to our clients all over the world. The end of letter ‘V’ and ‘A’ are extended such that they align at an angle 24° forming the axis of the globe.
In short, a ‘global connection’.

What is Native SutraTM?

‘Native SutraTM‘ literally means the thread (Sutra) that connects you to your place of birth (Native).
But we are more than that.
We are the thread that helps our clients feel safe in the knowledge that their property will always be taken care of.
The thread that brings joy to new homeowners who never have to worry about home fit-outs again. As it will be done on time. Guaranteed.
We are the thread that makes owning a property, a joyful experience. As it should be.

How it all began?

Native SutraTM is the brainchild of Parul and Vineet who wanted their home to be fitted well.
Despite getting the best professionals to do home fit-outs for them, the end result was far from expectation. They observed the same experience with their friends living overseas and also those who were too busy in life to spend a large part of their time on getting their homes fitted out or managed.
This led to creation of first avatar of the venture called HomesByParul. Over time the venture experienced great success and evolved into a new brand called Native SutraTM.
What started off in 2016, the venture has now delivered hundreds of homes fitted out to exact expectation of the clients and closely project managed to handover on or before time.
Thanks to a fantastic experience of it’s clients, what started off as a home fit-outs & interior design company now also manages a few hundred crores worth of homes for its’s clients on a long-term basis. A true commitment towards end-to-end hassle-free experience.

About The Founders



Cofounder, Head Of Design & Projects

Parul is a practicing architect and an interior designer. She plays a central role in design and operations for Native SutraTM.


Cofounder, Head Of Growth & Strategy

Vineet is an Electronics engineer and an MBA with over 25 years of experience in global leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies. He drives the vision, strategy, processes and growth within the organization.
They have both lived overseas and understand the challenges of managing a home without being around. Their vision is to redefine the process for Home Fit-outs & Home Interior Design along with Property Management as a seamless and hassle-free experience for clients who expect the very best.