Save Space in Your Bedroom with These 5 Study Table Designs

Why should furniture take a backseat in a world where everything is evolving? 

Space-saving furniture has come a long way, from Murphy beds and nesting tables to a compact study table

With the popularity of smaller and more affordable apartments, space crunch for furniture has become a major problem. Since in these smaller flats, the rooms are numbered often, if not always, the bedroom and study room are the same. So in those cases having some space-efficient study tables becomes a necessity. 

So if you are also one of them, facing the same trouble and looking for solutions, don’t forget to read till the end! 

5 Most Space-Efficient Study Table Designs For Bedrooms

In this list of study tables, we share study table ideas for small spaces, such as small to medium-sized bedroom. 

1. A Foldable Study Table

Gone are the days when study tables used to take up a permanent space in your room. With the advancement of technology and product designing, now you can have study tables that can come and go as you want. Yes, now you can have a study table for a small room that will fit anywhere.

The foldable study tables are a great way to utilise the vertical spaces in the room. When not in use, you can just fold it up and empty the floor space that can be used for various other purposes. 

A Foldable Study Table

2. A Corner Study Table

One of the significant reasons study tables take up a lot of space in the bedrooms is a lack of accurate placement. Nowadays, study tables are attached to the cupboard and designed in a way that fits perfectly in the corner of the room. 

In this way, you don’t need to dedicate any extra space for the study table, yet your purpose will be served. You need smart planning and a good study table design for a small space.

A Corner Study Table

3. Study Table But Also A Bookshelf

Have you ever imagined how it would be a perfect marriage between a study table and a bookshelf? With the latest design of study tables available in the market, you can also have a bookshelf attached. 

This is a mindblowing idea for two reasons.  First, you do not need to purchase separate furniture to store the books. And second, the table being attached to the bookshelf does not need any extra space for installation and can be kept together in any corner of the room. 

Study Table But Also A Bookshelf

4. Pull Out Your Study Table

Not just drawers, now you can pull out study tables as well! This is a mind-boggling design now available in various stores across the globe. There is no need to buy a study table separately in your room to do the desk work. These space saving study tables can be pulled out when needed and tucked back in when not in use. The pull-out feature gives you an additional advantage regarding the surface area you need. You can modify the size of the table depending on your requirement. Many pull-out study tables are designed with ergonomic considerations in mind. They often come with adjustable heights and tilting options to provide a comfortable and personalised working environment.

Like you pull drawers, you can now pull out the study table from the wardrobe. All you need is to add a chair to it when you are working, and you are good to go!

Pull Out Your Study Table

5. Wall Mounted Study Tables

Why should you create a different space for your desk when you can use the wall directly? The wall-mounted study tables make efficient use of the vertical space. These are one of the best study table ideas for small spaces. Since the table is mounted on the wall, it leaves sufficient space on the floor, which can be used for other purposes. The tables come in various styles, sizes, and formats, catering to every room layout and style. 

You can study and do other things on the desk while the shelves and drawers keep your essentials safe. One of the stand-out features of this type of table is the folding mechanism. When not working on it, simply fold it up, creating an uncluttered and sleek appearance.

Wall Mounted Study Tables


The size of your apartment does not matter as long as you are an expert in using the space efficiently. These 5 Study Table designs for space saving in Bedrooms are one of the best ways to use up space most effectively. 

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