Struggling to Manage Your Kids Room? Here are The Solutions

You must have looked for storage ideas for a children’s room all over the internet. Planning storage for your kid’s room can be cumbersome. However, despite being unmanageable, it’s not as difficult as you imagine. A little bit of references and help from a professional will make it happen more effortlessly, than you think.

Kids are your sweet spot, and you wish to give them your best. However, it can be hard when you want their room to be optimal. Kids are naturally messy; that’s their birthright, without a doubt. 

However, with a few ideas, you can ideally arrange the storage in the kid’s room. In addition, you get an opportunity to gel better with them and help them learn how to be well-organized.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to understand how to manage storage for your kid’s room.

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Planning your kid’s rooms

The first and foremost step involves planning for your kid’s room. You must essentially involve your kids and consider the suggestions that come from them. Kids have their own ideas and expectations, and you must respect them. 

Get their thoughts on where to keep their books, clothes, toys, and other stuff. Discuss with them the conveniences and problems before finalising things. It’s an ideal move to keep their brains working with sound knowledge; planning before implementing anything works well.

Planning your kids rooms

Where should the books go?

Books may be related to school or novels too. A floating rack near the bedside becomes convenient, allowing the kid to read a few pages before sleeping. As an alternative to the book rack, you can mount bookshelves, with easy access to books for your kids.

If your kid has loads of books, it’s sensible to have a standing book rack or shelves grounded to the floor. Ensure to organise the book storage according to academics, novels, etc.

Where should the books go

Where would the toys go?

Toys are abundant among today’s kids, and tidily storing them is a big challenge. Several options are available for toy storage. It can be a woven basket that comes in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are safe to handle for the kids. 

Alternatively, you can plan for hanging pockets, ideal for storing soft toys and toy vehicles. Or, why not opt for the colourful storage bins available in different sizes? 

Plastic tubs are another excellent alternative for your kids’ toys. Lastly, pull-out cabinets for kids’ rooms are another great option. They can go under the window sills, or you can place them in a corner.

Where would the toys go

Storing the clothes

A well-separated and tidily arranged closet or wardrobe for storing clothes serves the purpose. Keeping it open allows your kid to access the clothes effortlessly. However, in a dusty region, a closed one is mandatory. 

Equip the closet or wardrobe with hanging rods where your kid’s garments can go. Stack towels, underwear, handkerchiefs, and socks on the shelves. You can use the overhead rack to put away old toys and other stuff that is not required frequently.

Storing the clothes

The Mighty Shoe Storage

Today’s kids don’t have a pair or two, unlike ours. A couple of shoe pairs might be a challenge to stack neatly. In addition, shoes come in different shapes and styles that make it more difficult to stack them tidily. 

But worry not; you can overcome this challenge with ease. You can implement certain kids room shelf ideas, such as having an in-built shelf alongside the bunk bed to store shoes. 

Alternatively, you can opt for in-built wall shelves, procure a shoe rack, or make a drawer below the kid’s bed. If you have a hanging closet, you can use the space below it to build an enclosed shoe rack.

The Mighty Shoe Storage


Storage solutions for your kid’s room requires a well-planned approach. The storage in your kid’s room must be clever, and you shouldn’t clutter your kid’s room with lots of storage containers. You can achieve this with a systematic plan, considering the scope and limitations your kid’s room offers.

However, with a little tabletop study and studying through a few interior decoration articles, you may find the right combination for your kid’s room. Hopefully, you will find a way to design your kid’s room to help him keep his room tidy and happy while keeping all his stuff within his reach.

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