Don’t Lock Up Your Home or Property! Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Have you invested in a property, waiting for the right time to sell it; and get a good return on your investment? Do you find the idea of getting your home interiors done too cumbersome? Do you find managing a tenant and related home administrative issues a big headache?

Did these reasons lead to you locking up your house?

What if you haven’t been so right after all? What if there was a better way to make your investment good?

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t keep your property/ home locked up:

1. It deteriorates so quickly

A locked up, unattended or unused home degenerates very fast. There could be dozens of problems staring you in the face…. Clogged drains, seepage at all likely/ unlikely places, locks going bad, doors creaking or not closing properly, and so on, there is no end to it! The neighbors would be complaining, or you yourself would be at the end of your wits; you don’t want to wish you hadn’t bought the property in the first place.

2. Losing out on regular income

Keeping your property locked up for a long time can be like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs! Why insist on keeping your apartment unused indefinitely when you can be assured of a regular, handsome rental income.

A good tenant would also ensure that your house is well looked after and stays aerated. Here, it’s important that your home is well fitted out. This would attract a suitable tenant who would also have the sensibility to take care of your home.

3. Negativity in the environment, Aura going bad!

Just like a person, a living space has its own aura. This energy can boost your morale and makes you comfortable. Ever wondered why you feel a sense of peace as soon as you step inside your home entrance door?

Studies clearly demonstrate that when you leave a place vacant for a longer period of time, living space energies start getting diminished and diluted, contributing to negativity. This adversely affects the quality of your property so much so that any prospective buyer gets an undesirable feeling as soon as they enter your home.

4. Risk of identity theft

This is not the stuff of fiction.The risk of an identity theft is very real in today’s world. A fraudulent person can run a major scam by using a post box if they are sure nobody stays at that particular address. Many fake companies are registered on the addresses of unused properties. Why invite trouble by leaving your home vacant for long durations?

5. Not attracting the desired sale price

After the investment lifecycle of your property/house is over, one would expect as high a selling price as possible. The scenario in such cases is almost always the same; if there are 50 homes on sale at a given point in time, there would only be around five to ten serious buyers. In order to sell your house quickly and with a good premium on the purchase price, you have to ensure that your home is in the top 5 homes on sale. Needless to say, this will be a near impossible proposition if your house is firmly locked up for a long time.

A professional Property Management Services company can certainly take care of all these worries, assisting you at every step to help you earn the maximum out of your property.

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