Want to Rent Your Upmarket Property in Gurgaon? Read This

Your apartment in Gurgaon is up for possession and you are wondering how to ensure that it is rented out to a family that will not only take good care of it but also pays a reasonable rent in a timely manner.

Rental Market in Gurgaon

Gurgaon as a city has come up in the last 10-15 years and continues to expand. It is the de facto choice of large MNCs, IT/BPM companies, and startups to set up a base and expand. Executives and entrepreneurs continue to make Gurgaon their home – temporarily or permanently. This has led to growth in the rental market in Gurgaon.​

For these residents, finding reliable and aesthetically pleasing interior design services in Gurgaon has become essential to create comfortable and stylish living spaces.

However, along with the demand, there is an equal expansion in residential real estate with supply outstripping demand. The prospective tenant has plenty of choices and it is important that your home stands out from the others, has immediate appeal to the tenant, and meets the aspirations and requirements of their families.

Aspirations of an Upmarket Tenant

Parul, through her experience with numerous clients and tenants, understands this and recommends the following:

  • Styling appeals to the modern, global family viz. color combination, lighting, fixtures, etc.

  • Quality as per international standards – workmanship, material, etc.

  • Ready to move in at short notice – Fitted out as per details below including kitchen appliances and other household appliances which have been provided for or actually installed

  • X-Factor: Some unique design elements such as wall art, the styling of the front door, treatment of open lobbies with paneling, etc.

  • Attention to detail such as wardrobes having inbuilt lighting, convenient location of electrical points and switches, etc.

  • Spick and span during home visits by prospective tenants

What is a Typical Fit Out?

  • Kitchen: Kitchen furniture and cabinets, Tiling, Hobb & Chimney, Water filter, Built-in microwave oven, Gas bank and piping, Exhaust fan, Provision for refrigerator, dishwater and other kitchen appliances, etc.

  • Bedrooms & Other spaces: Wardrobes, Wall fixtures, Ceiling fixtures, fans, etc.

  • Toilets: Tiling, vanities, cabinets, chinaware, shower stalls, exhaust fans, geysers, provision for washing machine, etc.

  • Triple Play Ready: Provision for Cable/Satellite TV, Broadband, and Landline

  • Testing and repair of builder-provided services: A/C ducting, Electrical panel and wiring, Plumbing, etc.

  • X-Factor: Some unique design elements such as wall art, the styling of the front door, treatment of open lobbies with paneling, etc.

  • Finishing: Painting/touch-ups, Floor polishing/grinding, Deep cleaning

In conclusion, ensuring that your apartment in Gurgaon attracts the right tenants involves more than just offering a space for rent. With the city’s booming rental market and abundant residential options, it’s crucial to make your property stand out by meeting the aspirations and needs of potential tenants. This includes providing stylish and well-equipped living spaces that appeal to modern families, along with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

To address these challenges and ensure your property is well-maintained and attracts desirable tenants, consider enlisting professional property management services. A reputable property management company can help you navigate the rental market, handle tenant inquiries and screenings, and ensure your property is ready for immediate occupancy with all necessary fittings and fixtures in place. By partnering with property management services, you can streamline the rental process and maximize the returns on your investment.


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