Native Sutra or Standard Contractor – Which One You Should Choose?

Your property in Gurgaon is up for possession. You now have to get it fitted out and are wondering what is the best way to go about it. There are two choices – either go with a multitude of standard contractors or hire a professional interior designing agency like NativeSutra. This blog lists the benefits of going with a professional agency.

  • One stop shop: NativeSutra takes complete responsibility of all the works from design to completion

  • Hassle Free: Coordination between multiple agencies, vendors, site access, site security, dealing with the estate management team, etc. is handled by NativeSutra

  • Design: Parul’s design sense ensures that the fit-outs are elegant while being of high functional use

  • No Compromise with Quality: NativeSutra ensures that all material and workmanship is of best quality  – ensuring long life and cleaner look

  • Property Management Services: NativeSutra offers additional Residential Property Management Services taking care of all maintenance and administrative issues.

  • Professional: NativeSutra delivers what it promises and sticks to timelines

1. Wardrobes, Vanities, Kitchen cabinets

1A. Wardrobe Carcass (Insides and Back of the wardrobes)

NativeSutra uses branded Marine plywood whereas normal contractor goes for MDF or normal board. Some fundamental features of Plywood viz. MDF are:-

  1. Plywood is made from multiple layers of wood material and is a much stronger material than MDF.

  2. Plywood is more resistant to dampness as compared to MDF and hence is less susceptible to water damage.

  3. Plywood holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give screws a better grip.

  4. MDF is cheaper than plywood and therefore used by Contractors as a short-cut method to save costs

1B. Laminates

NativeSutra uses high quality Merino Brand (or similar high quality) laminates.  Other contractors use non-standard cheap laminates. Laminates used by NativeSutra offer the following advantages:

  1. Merino laminates are the highest quality laminates in the country and comes in various designs.

  2. A smart and elegant choice of Matt, Gloss and Lacquer finishes are chosen for the shutters and linen laminates for the carcass.

  3. Non-standard laminates are susceptible to developing cracks due to inter-seasonal temperature differences.

1C. Fabrication

NativeSutra wardrobes are completely machine finished in a factory using the latest equipment. Most contractors fabricate the wardrobes manually, usually at the site itself

  1. Complete works is machine fabricated in factory and only assembled at site.

  2. Tight bonding of the laminate with plywood

  3. No room for laminates peeling off over time and no room for bugs.

  4. Fabrication at site leads to walls getting dirty which means repainting all the walls again.

1D. Design

NativeSutra designs are modern and practical

  1. Smart, elegant, modern and practical designs

  2. “Specific solution to Specific space” methodology is always adopted

1E. Hardware Fittings

NativeSutra adherence to using only Hettich (or equivalent) fittings ensures:

  1. Good functionality

  2. Longevity

1F. Lights

LED lights are provided inside the wardrobes –  particularly in the space meant for hanging

  1. Contents of the Wardrobe are more visible

  2. Wardrobes can be operated without switching ON the wall lights, hence no disturbance to sleeping occupants in the room.

2. Kitchens

2A. Design & Layout

NativeSutra’s Kitchens are based on modern and practical design whereas normal contractors may not apply much thought to the design.

  1. “Kitchen Work Triangle” principle is used while designing the kitchen. The idea is that your cooker, sink and refrigerator should be positioned to form a triangle. Smaller the triangle, more effective the kitchen.

  2. Themes are followed depending on the choice of the client. Cabinet shutters, wall tiles, wallpaper, etc. are suitably used to enrich the space.

  3. The back surface of kitchen cabinets is always tiled to avoid seepage eating away into the cabinets.

  4. Plumbing and electrical wiring layouts are chalked out as part of overall design. Independent wires are taken from MCB for each point in the kitchen thereby nullifying electricity overload from multiple appliances.

  5. Adequate LED lights are provided for counter light under the overhead cabinets

2B. White Goods

NativeSutra ensures that the White Goods are integrated with the kitchen design whereas a contractor may not plan for the same.

  1. Inbuilt Microwave & Oven – Branded, inbuilt, microwave & oven (like Siemens, etc.) is installed in the matching machine finished cabinet, at the correct spot, as per the kitchen layout.

  2. Hob, Chimney, Dishwasher – Branded hob and chimney is installed at the correct spot as per the kitchen layout.

  3.  Refrigerator – Space requirements, drinking water pipeline from RO is a must while getting a good quality refrigerator installed.

3. Light Fittings

NativeSutra ensures that appropriate lights are selected, procured, fitted and properly finished. While dealing with a standard contractor one would need to independently procure lights and then get a electrician to fit them and probably a painter to do the finishing

  1. An elegant collection of E27, LED light fittings is provided.

  2. A combination of double and single LED wall lights, surface & recessed LED lights, mirror lights etc. is provided as per the specific space.

  3. Complete flexibility to use client provided light fittings.

  4. The gap between wall opening and light fixture (if any) is adequately filled up and painted.

4. Mirror & Glassworks 

NativeSutra uses large size, high quality mirrors and glassworks with a better finish

  1. High quality, large sized mirrors with SS bolts are used. Standard contractors normally use normal screws, which lead to rusting.

  2. Toughened glass is cleverly used in partitioning spaces.

  3. Silicon used at adequate spaces to avoid moisture induced dark spots on the mirror.

5. Fly-mesh shutters

NativeSutra uses retractable, pleated fly mesh shutters in place of non pleated, rust prone, fly mesh in non-retractable shutter used by standard contractors:

  1. Retractable, pleated, window/door matching fly-mesh shutters.

  2. No hassle of fly-mesh shutter taking valuable indoor space when open.

6. Wall treatment for seepage

NativeSutra addresses this core issue with utmost priority while with a standard contractor there is always a risk that only surface job is done.

  1. In case of any seepage in the house, the core issue (source of seepage) is first addressed.

  2. After the core issue is fixed, proper chemical solution is used for water-proofing. This prevents seepage from occurring in the future.

7. Deep cleaning

Instead of casual sweeping, NativeSutra ensures, at the end of the project, deep professional cleaning of the complete house is done. The house is ready to either move in or show to a tenant for rent.

8. Triple play for telecom needs

The house can be made Triple Play enabled. NativeSutra provisions for basic landline telephony, broadband and DTH services in the house. A contractor will not provide this service and all coordination would need be done by the property owner themselves.

9. X-factor

Unique design elements such as wall art, styling of front door, treatment of open lobbies with paneling, etc. are conceptualized and executed by NativeSutra. These X-Factors enhance the looks of the property thus making it aesthetically appealing. A contractor does not provide this value addition to the property.

10. Multiple vendor coordination

NativeSutra ensures that the complete site work is hassle free for the property owner

  1. NativeSutra offers single point responsibility including coordination with all the vendors.

  2. All coordination with developer/RWA/Estate management is also taken care of.

  3. At the completion of the works by NativeSutra, the house is ready to move in.

11. Property Management Services

NativeSutra also offers Property Management Services as an optional add-on. These include:

  • Taking care of ongoing maintenance issues.

  • Taking care of administration issues (like property tax, liasioning with tenants, etc.)

  • Coordination for putting property on rent or resale.


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