Virtual Working…Downsized Needs


The COVID 19 outbreak in the year 2020 has seen a new world order in many ways. “Social distancing” has defined new parameters for formal and informal interactions. Let’s take a reality check! As the coronavirus takes a steep toll on the economy, many might not have jobs to go back to. Some, who are […]

Property Management of 12-20 year OLD HOMES


“A 12-14 year aged Chardonnay? Bring it on! A 15-20 year aged home? No thanks!” Imagine being offered to buy an old vacant house or a bottle of old wine? What will win your trust first? Old house? No? I didn’t think so. Houses that remain vacant for a long time, come with trust issues. […]

Why you shouldn’t lock up your Home/Property


Have you invested in a property, waiting for the right time to sell it; and get a good return on your investment? Do you find the idea of getting your home interiors done too cumbersome? Do you find managing a tenant and related home administrative issues a big headache? Did these reasons lead to you […]

Home Possession and Registration woes…..Detailed !!!


PURCHASED A NEW HOUSE……CELEBRATIONS !! TIME TO TAKE THE POSSESSION AND GET HOUSE REGISTERED……CONFUSION AND UNCERTAINTY !! Not to mention time crunch from your busy schedule. When a person books his/her house with a developer, he/she has waited long time to come to a stage where you get a request for possession of your home. […]

Renting Your Upmarket Property in Gurgaon


Your apartment in Gurgaon is up for possession and you are wondering how to ensure that it is rented out to a family that will not only take good care of it but also pays a reasonable rent in a timely manner. Rental Market in Gurgaon Gurgaon as a city has come up in the […]