PropertyWise: December 2021


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4 Rental Property Management Best Practices That Busy Homeowners Get Wrong

Property Management Best Practices

Real estate can be a truly rewarding asset class for both, active investors as well those who choose to monetize their vacant property. In fact, when planned tactfully, it delivers on par with high-risk instruments such as stocks. However, unlike other asset classes which see professional portfolio managers, there are only a handful of property […]

Virtual Working…Downsized Needs


The COVID 19 outbreak in the year 2020 has seen a new world order in many ways. “Social distancing” has defined new parameters for formal and informal interactions. Let’s take a reality check! As the coronavirus takes a steep toll on the economy, many might not have jobs to go back to. Some, who are […]

Property Management of 12-20 year OLD HOMES


“A 12-14 year aged Chardonnay? Bring it on! A 15-20 year aged home? No thanks!” Imagine being offered to buy an old vacant house or a bottle of old wine? What will win your trust first? Old house? No? I didn’t think so. Houses that remain vacant for a long time, come with trust issues. […]

Why you shouldn’t lock up your Home/Property


Have you invested in a property, waiting for the right time to sell it; and get a good return on your investment? Do you find the idea of getting your home interiors done too cumbersome? Do you find managing a tenant and related home administrative issues a big headache? Did these reasons lead to you […]

Home Possession and Registration woes…..Detailed !!!


PURCHASED A NEW HOUSE……CELEBRATIONS !! TIME TO TAKE THE POSSESSION AND GET HOUSE REGISTERED……CONFUSION AND UNCERTAINTY !! Not to mention time crunch from your busy schedule. When a person books his/her house with a developer, he/she has waited long time to come to a stage where you get a request for possession of your home. […]

NativeSutra vs. Standard Contractor


Your property in Gurgaon is up for possession. You now have to get it fitted out and are wondering what is the best way to go about it. There are two choices – either go with a multitude of standard contractors or hire a professional interior designing agency like NativeSutra. This blog lists the benefits […]

Rental VS Resale : Post Demonetization!

​​On account of reasons such as tax holidays and foreign investments, people often buy multiple properties with the aim of  reselling  at higher rates at an opportune time.  However,  currency  demonitization leading to curb on cash transactions has certainly impacted the secondary or resale market since this segment does see involvement of cash component. Is […]

Renting Your Upmarket Property in Gurgaon


Your apartment in Gurgaon is up for possession and you are wondering how to ensure that it is rented out to a family that will not only take good care of it but also pays a reasonable rent in a timely manner. Rental Market in Gurgaon Gurgaon as a city has come up in the […]